Stewardship is ALL of me in response to ALL of God (Matt 22:37-39).


  1. Providing stewardship education training and resources to local church
  2. Delivering services and programs that promote spirituality, value transformation, and financial management – individual or corporate.
  3. Encouraging members to be actively involved in the Tell the World initiatives of the world Adventist church.
  4. Working in partnership with the Treasury department to set up internal control systems for the receipting, transfer, and reporting of tithe and offerings.
  5. Participating in, and giving support to, major stewardship events in local church
  6. Being an example in Christian stewardship, generosity, and giving.


Tshwane Central SDA Church organised a two days Basic Training Course for Stewardship Educators that was attended by both Tshwane and Pretoria City Church members (32 members). The course took place at Tshwane Central SDA Church on the 14th and continued at Pretoria City SDA Church on the 15th of November 2015. The course was conducted by Pastor Aniel Barbe the SID Stewardship Ministries director from Mauritius.

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