Tshwane Central SDA Church organised a two days Basic Training Course for Stewardship Educators that was attended by both Tshwane and Pretoria City Church members (32 members). The course took place at Tshwane Central SDA Church on the 14th and continued at Pretoria City SDA Church on the 15th of November 2015. The course was conducted by Pastor Aniel Barbe the SID Stewardship Ministries director from Mauritius.

It was a Spirit filled training and members were trained on key important topics in Stewardship including:

Day 1:
1. Signs of God’s ownership
2. Seek first the Kingdom
3. Making faithful stewards of our children
4. Seven rules for great achievers
5. Motivating and transforming partners

Day 2:
1. Why do we choose to be unfaithful?
2. Usefulness of offerings
3. Trust an accelerator of faithfulness
4. Let us be strategic
5. Empowering the partners
6. Building a culture of faithfulness

Day 2 culminated into discussions of four focus areas growing spiritually, main streaming, building trust and empowering partners where members were grouped into two groups to discuss the focus areas and come up with the stewardship framework that will be implemented in 2016.